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Your team

If you need it, we’ll fight on your side

  • Juan de Dios Orozco Lopez
    Our founder and Director. He’s military man. He has been teaching protocol, image and communication for more than thirty years in universities, diplomatic and business schools in seven different countries. Passionate about the world of protocol, he has worked on more than 170 state and international events
  • Ana Maria Orozco Moreno
    Ana is the teaching coordinator and iBS. She is a teacher of early childhood education and primary education. She has a Master’s degree in Multiple Intelligences and has been working for three years on the implementation of educational programs for iBS and as House Manager collaborating in the organization and implementation of large properties
  • José Luis Magán
    Professor of security. José Luís Magán Maroto is Director, Head of Security and Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention. Active career military, he has developed his professional work mainly in the House of H.M. The King and the Military Emergency Unit.
  • Borja Martin Guridi
    Concierge and PR teacher. Borja Martín Guridi has a Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management. He is Vice President of the Association Las Llaves de Oro Españolas (Les Clefs d’Or Spain) and Director of Concierge Services at the Ritz Hotel
  • Berta Fernandez Carnero
    She teaches oriental protocol, bromatology and P. A. Graduated in Medicine, American Heart Association Diploma 2006 and International Master in Protocol, Ceremonial and Institutional Relations.
  • Juan José Sanchez Vidal
    Juan José Sánchez Vidal es Sumiller, teacher and wine communicator.
  • Olga Casal Maceiras
    Our professor of Events Organization practices her professional activity as a consultant and teacher of protocol, communication and events organization. She runs the training company Aula de Comunicación.
  • Catalina Barceló Llinas
    Professor of Executive Personal Assistance. She is the General Secretary of the Spanish Association of Protocol and teaches subjects related to protocol and the organization of events in different entities
  • Javier Aguado
    Professor of protocol and disability. Graduate in Information Sciences and holds several Master’s degrees. Since 1997 he has been Director of Protocol at ONCE and Director of Communication at the Spanish Protocol Association.
  • Adelaide Gomez
    She’s our teacher of “Organization and order applied to butler services”. Adelaide has a wide international background and worked in one of the most important companies in the fashion world. She is the founder of the Escuela del Orden and the Asociación de Organizadores Profesionales de España.
  • Alvaro Sarmiento Olivares
    Professor of Maintenance of works of art. Graduated in conservation and restoration of cultural heritage by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, among other areas, he is a specialist in restoration.
  • Jesus Garcia
    Professor of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). Diploma in Business Sciences, tax advisor and Master in economic intelligence. He has developed his professional work in the State administration within international organizations. Businessman and teacher, he speaks English, French and Italian.
  • Marcus Aurelius Salmerius War
    Professor of etiquette and personal image. Sociologist graduated from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, career diplomat, Master in Personal Image. He has an important international experience.
  • María Sarhan
    Professor of Arab culture. For more than 25 years, Maria Sarhan Assy’s career was directed towards the field of protocol, event organization and also teaching, giving talks on Usages and customs of the Arab World
  • Jose Antonio Garcia Valbuena
    Professor of Silver Service José Antonio is a career military man and Master in Protocol Management and an expert in institutional relations and communication. For more than 20 years he served in the Spanish Royal Guard where he was its second Chief of Protocol
  • Sergio Sánchez-Quiñones Pérez
    Professor of Leadership and Personal Communication. Degree in Economics and Business Studies. He has held various management and consulting positions in several countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.
  • Vito Calculli
    Professor of Cocktails and Bartender. Graduate in business administration, speaks 4 languages. He has held positions and taught master classes in France, Qatar, Belgium, Spain, Australia, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.
  • Eva Gomez del Pulgar
    Housekeeping professor. Diploma in Tourism and Bachelor in Business Administration from Staffordshire University. She holds several postgraduate degrees. Since 1996 she has been a teacher in different centres of Hotel and Catering Management.
  • Inna Yashenko
    Professor of Russian culture. Inna has a degree in Law, a Master in Protocol and a Diploma in Heraldry. She is a multifunctional professional who has developed her career in Spain in large insurance companies and law firms
  • César Toledo
    Professor of non-verbal communication. He is an expert in analysis and has a master’s degree in Non-Verbal Behaviour and the University Foundation for Behavior & Law. Political communication advisor, with more than 25 years of professional experience in the press, radio and television.